Narutaki Laboratory

Department of Energy Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University



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    [Editor's Choice Collection]
  • Thu Thao Pham, Rintaro Takahashi, Tien Duc Pham, Shin-ichi Yusa
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  • Jin Nakamura, Ryoya Ito, Ryohei Kozaki, Ayae Sugawara-Narutaki, Chikara Ohtsuki
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    Langmuir, in press.
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  • Jin Nakamura, Yuna Suzuki, Ryosuke Narukawa, Ayae Sugawara-Narutaki, Chikara Ohtsuki
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  • Koichiro Hayashi, Atsuto Tokuda, Jin Nakamura, Ayae Sugawara-Narutaki, Chikara Ohtsuki
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  • Ayae Sugawara-Narutaki
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